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FOURPLAY is a story of how life can take you down a path that you never saw coming but should have. It is a wake up call to the message that we are all imperfect and no one has the right to criticize even if you think that you have it all figured out, which of course, you don't.

This film is an exploration into the explosive situation of two couples.

“Who's afraid of Virgina Woolf?” by Mike Nichols, “Husband and Wives” by Woody Allen, “Husbands” by John Cassavetes and “Tape” by Richard Linklater certainly provided the inspiration for FOUREVER.

Once the script was completed, the decision to shoot the movie in one shot became self-evident. This enormous task doesn't just serve the material and the characters journey adding rawness and realness but the audience's as well. 

As much as our characters are trapped in their lives and their secrets, our audience is one with them like a fly on the wall. 

The choice of using one single location also reinforces the story and the notion that our characters are like rats in a cage. Mirror reflections are a motif that support the concept of being quick to judge while being guilty of the exact same act. We are all reflections of our own judgments. 

                                                                                                                                            Dean Ronalds

Director's Statement

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